If you or your child are interested in getting an official Stanford-Binet IQ test, you might find yourself asking the question, “Where can I take the Stanford-Binet test?” The answer is likely more straightforward than you’d think. The key is to find a trained professional with the skills to administer the test. Typically, the test is proctored by a psychologist or a highly trained administrator with a background in various forms of IQ testing.

How do I take the Stanford-Binet test?

The easiest way to find a location that offers the test is to do a quick Google search that includes “IQ testing” or “Stanford Binet test” and your nearest metro area. Or, you can also utilize a site like Psychology Today which has a large database of psychologists that you can filter by those that offer “testing and evaluation” to find a local professional near you that can administer the test.

Why the need for trained administrators of the Stanford-Binet?

Unlike many standardized tests that you may be used to, the Stanford-Binet requires a skilled administrator to help interpret the results. Particularly when it comes to working with children, the administrator is vital in getting effective results. As you might imagine, many children are shy or cautious of strangers, which can create variances in test results. Having a skilled proctor can help eliminate some of these concerns.